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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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s receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. davis. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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>> surf's up and how as a breaker lives up to its name on the pier in santa barbara. >> a desperate move to ditch a stolen car really hits home for one bay area family. >> and two violent deaths weeks apart at the same bay area apartment complex and the location may not be the only connection between the victims. good evening i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm ann notarangelo. residents woke up to a man creeing. he was on fire. it's the same spot where a 77- year-old woman was killed in a home invasion three weeks ago and today's victim may be her nephew. >> reporter: flashlights light up a dark and disturbing crime scene. a man set on fire. but so far, investigators can't
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shed much light on the murder itself. >> the preliminary investigation determines it's the body of a male. >> reporter: the fire was set here in a walkway on the side of the building and you can see the outline of a body in the ashing. they looked down and saw his entire body covered in flames. >> did you see anybody else with him? just him on fire? >> yes, i saw the fire on him. >> reporter: this woman lives in the billing and asked us to hide her identity because she is scared. she called 911 after the horrifying scene and says she recognized the voice of the man crying out. it was richard. the nephew of susan fong and caretaker of the property. >> i know him. he's a nice guy. he is so helpful and friendly. >> reporter: this is video from february 7 at the same complex. susan fong tied up and murdered inalso inside. called a home
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he told police he was also tied up, but left unharmed. that scene left the area in shock. >> the neighborhood is not safe. >> reporter: and now this. for neighbors with nerves rattled not knowing who did this or why, one murder is one thing. two murders means it is time to move out. >> this time, because i saw it. totally different. totally different. >> reporter: authorities will now work on the autopsy of the man who was murdered saturday. they are still waiting on the toxicology reports from the murder three weeks ago. in oakland, brian webb, kpix5. >> no arrests have been made in either case an police say it is too early to length them. >> the search is till on for a man who walked to a san rafael restaurant and started shooting. it happened around one this morning at pa's mexican and filipino cuisine on b street.
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a man walked in and shot a patron several times. it is unclear if the two knew each other. the victim is in serious condition. a thief in oakland found an especially malicious way to ditch a car. he put a brick on the gas pedal send put nit gear and sent it down coolidge avenue. >> i heard the bang. i felt the bang. that is what woke me up. i remember hearing something waking me up before that. then i woke up and thought it was an earthquake at firstment we have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the suv ruptured a gas line to the house. the suspect is still on the run. the storm slamming southern california ruined breakfast for diners at a waterfront restaurant in santa barbara a. take a look. >> oh my gosh. [ screaming ] >> time to go. >> yeah, got to get out of
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there, a wild wave slammed into the windows at moby dick's. no one was badly hurt. here is what the waves look like outside. the high surf tosses people around like a toy. and it battered the patio at the bay side bar and cafe. john black stone shows us those are some of the dramatic images coming out of the storm. >> reporter: the storms blew in from the pacific and threatened ocean front homes in malibu. beaches disappeared in the storm surge. many places in the los angeles area recorded two to four inches of rain since friday. fast moving riverrings and creeks welled dangerously. strong winds knocked down trees. in oxnard, an old tree
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uprooted. in hollywood, they tried to keep the red carpet dry for the oscars. it should pass before the ceremony. in most of california, it was more than an inconvenience and a major problem. the big threat is for the people on the edge of the san gabrielle mountains. this is what it looked like here in 1969 when mud slides buried whole streets in glendora. kills 34 people. in the years since, los angeles has built huge debris basins in the foothills as a defense against mud slides. >> this is one of our bigger basins in the area. 40 to 50% fool at the moment. >> reporter: steve is an la county engineer. >> on the other side of this, there is a whole subdivision. so this saved these homes. >> the purpose of this is to hold back the debris that comes down from the hillside. >> reporter: many homeowners have taken their own protective
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measures. tom verde has built a line of defense behind his house. >> everything is so saturated. show we don't have the rainfalling on us right now, we know if a cell comes over here, it could release mud like an avalanche. we are still on pins and needles until the storm is over. >> and just when you think you have seen it all, santa cruz homeowner may have one of the most unusual insurance claims ever. look at that. a hole has opened none his front driveway. a geyser of water shoots into the air. the home is off limits until engineers can figure out how the blowhole in the driveway formed and how to fix it. a few miles away, waves caused a huge sink hole to open up and part of the sidewalk to buckle in santa cruz. the city has patched up that same spot a few times in the past and they say it could cost $100,000 to fix that for good. >> east bay drivers beware. there is a major freeway closing tonight.
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east bay will be shut down from midnight to 5:00 a.m. crews have to remove an old traffic sign that stretches over the freeway. eastbound lanes will not be affected. well after all the weather we have shown you, february opened up being just average for rain and snow. so for drought relief, we have to look to sacramento. governor jerry brown signed off on a $687 million relief package. most of it will go to water conservation projects. there is also money for farm washers and help for community that's could run out of water. tensions continue to escalate in ukraine. the russian government insists it has a right to protect its interests in the region. ukraine's acting president responded by putting his military on high alert warning further intervention could lead to war. >> the russian federation
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constitutes an act of aggression. >> in a tense 90-minute phone call today, president obama advised putin to step back. meanwhile, don knapp shows us the bay area's ukrainian community is watching and worrying. >> i have family in the ukraine. children and grandchildren. i have my brother in ukraine. so many relatives. i'm so worried. >> reporter: in campbell, 40 or 50 ukrainian citizens went to church. >> so huge corruption. so huge corruption in ukraine. it is not possible for people to be happy and have future. >> reporter: the moves by the russian military prompted this demonstration in san francisco at the russian consulate. >> i think they should stay
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out. they should let us deal with our problems, and definitely not sending the military is the right way to do this. >> reporter: they reject the argument that russian troops entered to protect russians in ukraine. >> the russian population seeks some kind of protection from putin i think is propaganda. since i never heard that anybody who speaks russian being oppressed in ukraine ever. and i was there for 33 years. >> reporter: while demonstrators protested, the cameras of the russian consulate were watching. but no one was responding. demonstrators say they are not just ukrainians opposed but members of other ethnic groups also opposed. in san francisco, don knapp, kpix5. >> at least 33 people are dead and 130 hurt after a mass knife attack at a train station in china. victims say a group of at least ten people stormed the train
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station all of them armed with knives. the attackers slashed anybody they saw. police killed four of the assailants. they are calling it terrorism and blaming muslim separatists. a bombing suspect who has been on the run for a decade made the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. they have cast a nationwide net to capture him. >> reporter: the fbi has plastered giant photographs like this one of daniel andreas san diego near the bay bridge and all across the country. he is the first domestic terrorism fugitive added to the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. >> anyone with eyes undoers out there can help the fbi out. >> reporter: last december, fbi agents went door to door in this san rafael neighborhood where san diego has family ties. the fbi has tips that san diego has been spotted in novato, san rafael, and santa cruz, but he could also be in massachusetts,
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south america, or europe. >> it has been many years since the fbi has asked for the public east help. >> reporter: he is charged with the bombing of an office building in emeryville and pleasanton. >> damage to property. it would have been easy for a bystander to be hurt. >> reporter: he is a member of an extreme animal rights group and targeted the companies for their connection to an animal testing lab. san diego could have several tattoos. burns and collapsing buildings on his back and sides but it is this picture with san diego with glasses and a crew cut and a hoodie the fbi is banking on. >> it is another person that need to be brought to justice and brought back home. >> reporter: san francisco, mark kelly,
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kpix5. >> they have put san diego's image at their cross roads of the world in time square. i saw red lights. the next thing you know, i'm underneath someone else's car. >> the recipe of a traffic accident. that is what happened near denver. >> and big changes for frequent fliers. why your air miles won't stretch as far as they used to. >> and the skies have been anything from friendly. up north, change is on the way, details in the forecast after a break.
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the roads were slick from a passing band of snow >> one person died and 30 others were hurt in a massive pile up in downtown denver. the roads were slick from a
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passing band of snow and when it was all over, the chain reaction wreck stretched half a mile. >> it was quick and fast. i saw red lights and the next thing you know, i'm underneath someone else' car. >> didn't hear a thing until they hit us in the back. i said hang on. hang on. >> police say more than 100 cars were involved and it took nearly five hours to clear them all away and reopen i-25. rewards for frequent flier miles is 23409 flying with anybody. starting next year, passengers will be rewarded based on how much money they spent. a $700 ticket from new york to la would earn $5,000. just 3500 under the new formula. >> the idea you have to spend x number dollars and it is not based on miles anymore.
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>> fliers finding the lounges are crowded and finding it difficult to get seats up front because passengers at the rear want to upgrade. >> at the new program, business travelers who spend the most will fair the best. >> rain here meant snow in the sierra. the boreal mountain resorts says it has gotten 30 inches of snow in the past three days. skiers and snow boarders say it is a lot different than the fake flakes. >> it dries different. it is the first time this year we have real snow. >> the resort is expecting another busy day on the slopes tomorrow. and the storm also brought this. a funnel cloud was spotted in woodland near sacramento yesterday. a tornado warning issued for about a half an hour, but the funnel never hit the ground. >> if it did, it would be a ...
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>> tornado. >> that is pretty good for two people from california. we have clear skies in livermore. there are a few showers lingering around. that is the remainder of the weekend. we are getting some showers and some clearing. it is a can't miss forecast. we scoot down to point conception. the air force base, and you see a few widely scattered showers and that is it. the real low level stuff, there is no doppler on earth that can pick it up. that is why some of the showers are escaping detection. right now, around the bay area, we are looking at numbers mostly in the 50s . 57 in oakland. 54 at livermore. 54 in san jose. here is the wind speeds out of the east. they can drive temperatures above record highs. but that is a moist flow. in this particular
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circumstance, it will bring the potential for showers. the winds are pretty strong, so it will take something for fog to form in the morning. temperatures will be in the 50s ability 8:00 tomorrow morning. by the amp, we will see sun, clouds, a drop or two and temperatures in the mid 60s and let's have a look at how it all shapes up to night with this low pressure that is a point conception moving inland. the flow is coming from this direction. so kind of a circulation brings the moisture up and over the top and that is why the easterly winds are bringing some moisture to us. showers will end, we will dry out monday. the future cast shows a lot of cloud to start out sunday morning and then later in the day, we will begin to get some peeks of sunshine. a rogue shower will not be a surprise tomorrow. so be prepared. the 2013-14 season still doesn't look it. this doesn't do anything for the drought. it caused mud slides but didn't put much in the reservoirs.
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we are still 45% of average in the rainfall. for tomorrow, we look for a few showers. unsettled weather couldn'ts an we will dry it out monday. speaking of monday, mostly cloudy skies in the airport. 63. it is going the snow in new york. that could slow things down. 16 at o-hare in chicago. we will look at numbers in the 60s in the bay area. cooler by the shoreline. the extended forecast is calling for numbers to be balmy. the next round of showers coming in wednesday. not a big deal. the latter half of the week looks high and dry. that is weather. for sports, boy, do we know just the man. >> absolutely. >> what an introduction. >> yeah, it is march madness. >> yeah, we are getting closer and closer. two weeks away from selection sunday. basketball dominates the next few minutes as we give praise to one of the greats in the women's game who put on a show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...who today saved her b >> basketball up top and why not? as we begin with stanford's all american who saved her best for last. her last regular season game at maples pavilion. opportunistic on the loose ball. 15 points and 12 minutes. against washington state, it was all stanford.
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turnover again. she scores a career high 37 points and added 13 rebounds in front of her family. stanford just goes out and rolls washington state 84-64. meantime, brittany injured couldn't go against washington and cal had mercedes tie it at 56. that was it. as the washington huskies spoiled the senior day for cal. walton stepped back, a three. huskies pull away, the upset. number 18 cal. 17-65. the bears number two in the conference. to the pack 12 men. stanford has an oscar night, a big one at arizona sunday night. both the cardinal and cal bears have 18 wins. are they going to make the ncaa tournament? mike montgomery up against it. justin cobbs. the kid has range. pull up three.
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the bears trail by five. all arizona state, shaquille. kept feeding him the rock. and the devils will pull away. later, it is pakissing again. a forgettable game for cal. they get blown out 78-60. they have lost three of four, now nine of seven in the pack 12. senior night. just took it to saint mary's. john stockton. back door cut. the logs led. through second, jeff farm, a three-ball here. made it a 30-point game. bulldogs roll. 75-47. saint mary. they have to win a conference tournament just to get into the ncaa tournament. giants rained out. gray skies for the as . sunny gray. two innings, a couple of strikeouts in this game against the rangers that ended in a 2-2
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tie. tiger woods, where did this performance come from? and in chicago, the black hawks and the penguins went out and played outside. ,,,, i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome.
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some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> we are back. nhl stadium series. a huge success this year and the sharks hoping to get in on
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the act in 2015. tonight, the windy city in chicago. soldier feel. the boys working to shovel. look at the collision. how about that ann? a freezing element. yeah, this is chicago. and the pittsburgh penguins, look at the puck affected by the elements but nothing was stopping patrick sharp making it 1-0. jonathan in chicago at it again as they shred the pittsburgh defense. they win it by a final of 5-1. in golf, they are all chasing rory mcaroy. tiger wood, five under 65? the third shot on 11 today. tiger back in it. seven shots off the lead. rory, too clear of the field at 12 under par. it is his tournament to win or lose manana. one more time. a thriller with the game on the
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line, high school high school playoffs, half-moon bay cathedral. tied in the last few seconds. amazing. yeah. junior david parsons, 75-foot heave at the buzzer to win it for the irish. 49-46 to advance his team into the ccs playoffs. >> just lucky. just lucky. the shot was lucky. >> how much do you practice shots like that? >> at lunch. >> how often do you make them? >> never. >> what did you think when it went in? >> happy we won. >> you know what i love about him? that you never hear it. he said i wasn't great. it was luck. it was luck. >> it was luck. >> you could probably try it five times and not hit.
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>> yeah. >> but strange things happen. steph curry and the warriors practiced this and a lot of times, he hits it. >> does he really? >> no problem. >> he actually does it during a game? >> no, in practice he does it. >> does he make it because he is leaky? >> he makes it because he shoots a lot. he shoots 100, 200 balls a day. >> practice, practice. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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remember - news updates are always on k-p-i-x dot com. good night. >> thanks for watching, see you back here tomorrow night at 5:30. >> we are going to practice our 74-foot jump shots. >> goodnight. [ laughter ]
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hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪
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